Happy Mother’s Day

“Our mothers are our connection to the earth,” a client wrote me a long, long time ago in a condolence card, “and when they are missing, we spend our lives seeking their love and support.” It seemed very poetic, but I didn’t understand the gravity of those words. I was new in my grief, trying […]

Have it both ways

With everyday blessings come everyday issues and I think maybe, just maybe, I am finally beginning to understand (and accept) that within the paradigm of family life it is temping to let the magic and joy fall away. When we get settled into our roles, there is inevitably a dynamic of warring personalities and willful […]

That is a door

At times I feel really blessed and aware of all the great strides I’ve made in understanding myself and my healing journey. November was not one of these times. I wanted to blame it on the moon. With November’s new moon in Scorpio bringing all kinds of past trauma to the surface I was edgy […]

Lessons from a yogini

I took a class with Tao Porchon-Lynch this weekend at the Newtown Yoga Festival and was lucky enough to meet her when I was picking up her book on my way out. I can’t seem to stop thinking about her. I was so over the moon to be able to take a photo with her. […]

Ode to a Leo

I’ve decided that for the coming solar eclipse on August 21st, I am going to change the story. I am not interested in rewriting history, but just as an artist intuitively tweaks their painting, poetry or stone sculpture to bring out the unique beauty and ultimate message, I am beginning to view myself in those […]

Law of compassion

Parenting is strange and wonderful. Many of us judge our success on how like or unalike we are from our own parents. My father was raised in a home with an alcoholic and abusive father. I heard stories about my grandfather’s anger. He once threw a television out of the window of the apartment in […]

Conversations with Sal

“I’m excited for Mother’s Day,” I said to Sal on the way to school. “Am I finally going to see your mom?” He asked, matter of fact. “No, Sal, you probably won’t see her. I am excited because you always make me a beautiful card,” I told him. “And I get to celebrate being your […]

The moon

Last year I found a book in my collection titled, “The Moon.” Its copyright is 1946 and it is written by an author I’ve never heard of until last night (more on that in a bit). I probably picked it up from a tag sale or my yearly summer trip to Block Island where I always […]


I am a Libra. It’s a Libra full moon at 2:08am and I want to talk about relationships. There has been a major shift in my consciousness as a result of losing someone recently that I had a complex relationship with. I was able to say goodbye, make peace and reconcile some feelings that have […]


This photo I took today on my hike is symbolic of everything I feel. I’m pushing up through the gunk to get to the light.  When I was young I wrote all the time. Looking through my diaries and journals, you’d wonder if I was ever happy. One diary even had the first half ripped […]