I am the body, too

I am not the body, I am not the mind. I am the spirit. Laugh at it and be brave. Years ago I came across this quote by a famous Yogi. I loved it so much that I even had it printed on my business cards at one time. That was a bit strange for a […]

The compassionate hangover

Shame has no place within you anymore. Emotions have the capacity to inform your being and within them can be found empathy and sweetness. Shame has no sweetness. Shame’s only goal is shame. It is selfish and manipulative by nature and you should hold no space for it anymore. Stop it just as it attempts […]

The least of my brothers

Does anyone notice that people are talking a lot more about Jesus lately? Because religion and politics are such sensitive subjects, it sometimes seems senseless to me to write about it. Being thrown off by someone’s hostility is intimidating. And I really never want to hurt or offend. Today, as I was sitting in confusion […]

Write to remember

Do you remember a time when you realized that an interest or passion went further back in your life than you thought. My sister teases that I never wanted to play with her because I wanted to be alone in my room writing. I remember it. My family’s voices beckoning me downstairs to watch TV with […]

January is like Monday

I’ve talked to a few people already who, despite their wishes and intentions for the new year, have already felt disappointment and the let down of the promise of a new start. Ahhh, January. A client of mine walked into a door, my son got whacked in the face with a milk carton (don’t ask) […]

The last full moon

The last full moon of 2016 has set. So much has happened. We have dealt with a lot. Never has the phrase, what a difference a year makes, seemed so immense. There is still so much to be said. So many times that we’ve asked each other to read between the lines. Focusing on the […]

Oh Christmas tree

It happens every year. Every single year. It starts as a tremor, as what I would imagine the center of the earth feels like before the quake comes and makes a mess of things. Every year I get the house ready, as my mother always did. There was a lovely sense of charm to our […]

Monday, lovely Monday

I sat on my magic carpet during the last super moon and meditated in the full moonlight. I often get the most thoughtful ideas and inspiration when I sit in that space so I was amused to find myself writing an entire page’s worth of words about the days of the week. Monday in particular. I […]

Jesus laughing

I have been feeling dazed and confused. A slight improvement over angry and afraid. It’s not about what side you are on anymore. The current wave of hate speech and vandalization will make anyone uneasy, regardless of who you voted for. We are told that it has always existed. It’s nothing new, like that is […]

This time last year

  Back then it didn’t make sense. Now I see you, sun, moon and stars. You are God. You are Divine and You are Her. This time last year I was barely holding it together. My home was under construction for months. I was eating crap, not exercising and drinking every day just to cope […]