It’s okay to just feel what you feel

I have a character flaw that I’ve often seen in myself, but rarely in others. There was a time that I thought it was one of my best qualities and it’s a hard habit to break. It is the propensity to take bad things, painful things, anger, grief or sadness and wrap them up with lovely […]

when change is strange

When I began writing this post, I was concerned about alienating some of my readers. I laughed to myself. The idea of actually having readers seemed alien to me, and at the same time, exactly what I came here for. To share the connection of the ordinary and extraordinary moments. I was tempted to define […]

1 in 4

  This is not a political post. Not really. I read somewhere that if what you are writing terrifies you, it is usually the stuff worth sharing. A couple of weeks ago the Trump “grab the p*ssy” recording came out and there was a lot of talk on the news and social media about sexual […]

Welcome to my blog (belated!)

  I was in the writer’s closet for so long. Writing quietly and never sharing any of the words. Everyday. Pages and pages of notes that were overfilling and overwhelming my existence. When writing is the way that you express yourself best, the way in which you process and make sense of life, not sharing starts […]

my little om om om

I’m writing this on the eve of the ten year anniversary of my mother’s passing. It seems cliche, but I remember it like it was yesterday. I remember the way she looked and sounded, but especially how her whole little being was intent on holding it together, until those last few days when she seemed […]

Change is a great teacher

Yesterday I celebrated my 44th birthday and it was the best birthday that I’ve had in years. I think it was because I celebrated with intention. I didn’t celebrate for my husband or son, friends or family. It sounds horrible to say that because really I feel blessed to have all of those people in my […]

My weekend at the Garrison Institute

I haven’t left my son much in six years, which made heading out on my own for a weekend retreat at the Garrison Institute a surreal experience. I left him once overnight over three years ago. I didn’t enjoy being away from him. Something about it made me feel anxious and unresolved. This time was different. The leaving […]

sweet nectar

I have been writing a memoir for the last 15 years. So much writing. Folders of drafts and notes and moments of inspiration and despair. I really did want to share my story. My friend has a stunning blog and as we sat on a beach this past summer I preemptively cut off her suggestion with “the world doesn’t […]