The Book

It’s finally here!!!!

This is an exciting adventure for me. A dream come true! After spending years writing my memoir, it seems a different little book made its way into my heart and wanted to be published first. Funny how the universe works!

When the littlest you is the muse.

This is where is gets a little personal. I lost both of my parents before I was 35 years old. My dad was in a motorcycle accident and my mom had a rare cancer. When I finally had my baby boy at 37 (thank you #acupuncture) after a miscarriage and difficulty conceiving, I thought, now I get to be happy again!

My son entered my world with the sweetest spirit to heal me, but having a child triggered the most challenging time of my life. Not only did I have an overwhelming fear of losing him, I began experiencing traumatic flashbacks from when I was very young when he was about two years old. After white knuckling through most of my days, I began facing a painful past with beautiful intuitive healers and traditional therapy.  As I started to mend the fragmentation and put myself back together, I also mistakenly began to believe that I must have been a broken child.

One day when I was in a meditative space, I heard an angelic voice say, don’t you dare forget how powerful that little girl was. (My angels/guides speak very sternly to me.)

Sometimes when we look into our past or into our shadow, we mistakenly assume we were weak or impotent. But those angelic words were a truth serum that allowed me to see that little girl so clearly. I remembered her. She was spirited, willful and deeply creative and she had a connection to the natural world and the “other world” that was mysterious, and now in hindsight, very beautifully real.

Those angelic words were the catalyst for my first children’s book I Am Powerful. I had already reconnected with the spirit of the trees and animals, divine earth and great spirit and so the work had already begun in me. This creation is part nature book, part affirmation and written for all children (as well as my inner child) who always was, and still is, running off to be in the healing woods.

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More children’s nature books to come…

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